Sunday, 1 September 2019

Aajni rajy sixak sangh ni bethak

Aajni rajy sixak sangh ni bethak 

Aajni as bethak ma rajy sixak sangh dwara jaher karva ma aavyu ke kaizala app koi sixak ae install n karvi ....instal Kari hoy teva SIXAKO ae pan unistall Kari Devi,blo kamgiri online karvani babat no pan virodh karva ma aavyo...jarrur janay to court case karva ma aavse..
DiskDigger is an app to recover pictures on your Android phone that you thought were long gone. If you accidentally deleted a photo, or lost them when uninstalling an app, you can recover them and save them again to your device's memory. ... Unlike similar apps, it will let you recover lost images with no trouble.

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